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Asperger’s/autism: an analogy

Re Asperger’s/autism, I propose an analogy … /1/ ASPERGER’S IS LIKE … Asperger’s is like being left-handed: even in cultures that don’t try to “cure” your difference, almost everything’s carefully designed and arranged for people who aren’t like you. You can still — with some level of difficulty — learn to get through your day … Continue reading

In the Aspie Closet

By Andrew Crippen I’ve known that I have Asperger’s Syndrome for about 3 years now. At least, known to the extent that a person can know without a professional diagnosis. I suppose, at age 35, it wasn’t the life altering news it is for some of us who finally figure it out, but it certainly … Continue reading

Autism and Empathy, the Fixers and the Huggers

In a bold perspective on empathy and autism, Dr. Jacob A. Burack compares displays of empathy between a child with autism, and a typically developing child, the neurotypical. In his book titles, The development of autism: perspectives from theory and research, he discusses the finding of various studies on behavioral responses to adults showing distress, fear … Continue reading

Autism and Communication – Emotion/Feelings Chart

While typically developed people have a natural ability and an interest to share their feelings and emotions, individuals with Autism find it very challenging to do that in the expected manner. The tools that the majority of the population use without even thinking, are facial expressions and gestures, as well as complex adjectives describing emotions. … Continue reading

Pails To The Radio

PAILS TO THE RADIO Non-fiction essay by Kate Gladstone I forget the man’s name (if I ever learned it). He said he was a disability self-advocate with an autism spectrum condition. When he learned that I, too, am on the spectrum, he told me how he was repeatedly refused the legally guaranteed accommodations for his … Continue reading