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Break a Leg, Then Sue

Aspies have a delightful ability to interpret everything very literaly. These situations are often so heartbreaking, as you watch the individual with Asperger’s stray down the path of misunderstanding, under the guise of following directions. One of those idioms often used by society is one that I just cannot wrap my head around (but I … Continue reading

Facebook, Loneliness, and Asperger’s

Is Facebook making us lonely? This question was raised in an article written by Stephen Marche in the May 2012 edition of The Atlantic. The research examined the typical population and social norms worldwide. For individuals with Autism, social norms are perceived very differently, and it is quite astonishing how Facebook enhanced their feelings of … Continue reading

Words – A Poem

Words – A Poem by Henny S.  Words. They are stuck. It’s stuck in my throat. No place to go. Easing it out with very little tools Sharp objects obstructing its path Worrying its way through. There. Some words still left behind Deeper down in the pit In the stomach, hastening to escape. Unsure how … Continue reading

God and Spirituality

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard an Atheist moan, ‘Oh God” when their life is in a mess… We do turn to a higher power we we can, no more. So perhaps it works for positive too. When we are awed, we attribute it to a higher power. Whether we know for sure what … Continue reading