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Handwriting That Works

Our member Kate Gladstone is the world’s only known handwriting expert who is on the Autism Spectrum — giving her added insight into the handwriting problems of people with autism, Asperger’s, and other neurological issues.

Kate’s Handwriting Repair: Handwriting That Works business teaches individuals a high-efficiency array of skills to improve their handwriting. Kate is also sought after by professionals for development of iOS apps and other software, as well as by developers of security systems that require signatures and fraud identification algorithms.

To learn about Kate’s specialty, visit her website Handwriting That Works.com … Also, watch her video below.


2 thoughts on “Handwriting That Works

  1. Kate, I wonder if the government would be interested in adding high-risk people’s signatures to a database, which EMT professionals can then ask a patient in an ambulance to quickly sign their name in an app. Would you be able to design an algorithm to detect of the person was having a stroke?

    Posted by Autistics Aware | November 19, 2011, 10:06 am
  2. Dear whoever-you-are (you know my name, and I do not know yours) —

    That relates _very_ closely to a patent I hold, and to one project under development by an associate of mine (in private industry, not in the government).
    If you want to know more, or (best) if you can help with making this real, phone me (my number’s at HandwritingThatWorks.com on the front page)

    I am not sure why you think the government, specifically, has to do this.
    Would you be pleased if the government had a database of the signatures of everyone it deemed “high-risk” in some regard?


    Posted by Autistics Aware | November 22, 2011, 12:03 am

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