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God and Spirituality

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard an Atheist moan, ‘Oh God” when their life is in a mess… We do turn to a higher power we we can, no more. So perhaps it works for positive too. When we are awed, we attribute it to a higher power. Whether we know for sure what the heck that is, or looks like.

~ Henny S.

I’ve heard a Jew moan “Jesus Christ!”, a Catholic mutter “Holy Moses!”, a Protestant howl “For Pete’s sake!” (invoking St. Peter, the first pope), another Jew describing a thunderstorm as “Thor swinging his hammer,” and a (probable) Protestant on TV invoke “Great Caesar’s ghost!” (the news-editor on the old SUPERMAN series).

And in studying medieval history, I learned about a Viking chieftain who converted to Christianity (and who even re-named his farm after his new religion) _but_ … whenever he was out at sea in a storm, he’d unconsciously decide that the gods he was used to were a surer bet in bad weather, and find that he was calling upon them instead.

So shall I raise one hand six times, or each hand three times?

~ Kate G.

Omniscience IS a logical problem, so I just figure God is MOSTLY omniscient: More powerful than we can comprehend, but bound to physical law.  So He can’t make light travel faster than it normally does, but knows a million other ways to get from one side of the galaxy to another.

“No, Q, YOU are not God.  The universe isn’t that badly designed.”
~ Andrew C.

“Omnibenevolent” puts too much of the human traits in a God that is above that… if god can create humans with traits, and a world with such wondrous science, then He wouldn’t humble Himself with human traits. He would detach that, so as not distract himself from making sure it all works out.
~ Henny S.


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