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Profile – Kate Gladstone

 CEO of Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works  Lives in Albany, New York  Married to Andrew S. Haber  From Brooklyn, New York  Born on March 19, 1963

Kate Gladstone

Occupation/Other Details:

I am self-employed as a handwriting instruction/ remediation / evaluation consultant (CEO of  HandwritingThatWorks.com). I am also director of the World Handwriting Contest, co-designer of the app BETTER LETTERS, the “personal handwriting trainer” for the iPhone, iPodTouch, and iPad, and holder of US Patent #5,018,208 for a signature verification system for pen-based computers.

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Potentially interesting facts:

  • At college, I was kicked out of a logicians’ club … for being (according to the club president) too logical.
  • The first friend I ever made, I married. Eighteen years later, we are still married. Eight years ago, he too was diagnosed with Asperger’s.
  • As far as I can find out, I’m the only person in a handwriting-related profession to be /a/ on the autism spectrum and /b/ self-remediated for handwriting issues related to the spectrum.

As a child, teen, young adult, and not-so-young adult, I had it frequently screamed at me that I was “retarded” or “not too bright,” and on many occasions was forced to repeat and agree to this: often in the presence of others, and almost always with a required show of calm. This action — whose expressed motive was to make me become more intelligent and successful — was most frequently done by parents or teachers. I experienced this as odd because the makers of that informal diagnosis usually had a file including IQ test results (mine typically include a couple of sub-test scores around 85 or 90 although the overall figure winds up well over 150 because of the remaining sub-tests).

Yours for better letters,
Kate Gladstone


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