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Profile – Henny Skyisfalling

 Author of Pondering Prose  Lives in College  Single  From Brooklyn, New York  Born in December, 1977

Henny Skyisfalling

Occupation/Other Details:

Henny is a full time student and Mommy to four phenomenal human beings. Her current dream is to be able to afford Q-tips.  She enjoys teaching music and doing autism research.

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Potentially interesting facts:

  • I make the best mother to my Aspie children.
  • I have perfect pitch, a phenomenon that occurs only within 1 in 20,000 of the population. Or, near-100% in the ASD population (reference).
  • I can play anything on the piano, if I hear it. I cannot play it if you stick the sheet music in front of me.

Some of my work has been published in insignificant places, under various pen names to protect my identity related to the subject matter.  A worthy list is located on this Published In Print page of my blog, or the Articles page on my professional website.


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